Senora Ultrathin Sanitary Napkin & Get Meril Milk Soap (Bulk - 100pcs)

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Senora UltraThin
Senora Ultrathin is a 4 times thinner sanitary napkin than regular sanitary napkin. The 280 mm long pad is designed to ensure 100% protection during heavy flow. The Gel Ball Technology absorbs and locks in moisture very quickly. It has body - fitted wings which will give great flexibility. The antibacterial cottony top sheet provides soft, comfy experience and ensures absolute hygiene.

  • Absorbs large volumes of fluid.

  • Wings Folded.

  • Heavy Flow.

  • Instantly soaks.

  • Ensure maximum dry feel.

  • 8 pads in a packet.

  • Pleasant fragrance.

Ingredients: Perforated Non-woven, Airlaid Paper, Super Absorbent Polymer, Polyethylene Film, HMA, Silicone Release Paper.

Direction of Use: Peel paper off adhesive and press napkin firmly onto panty.
EXP: 19.08.24

Meril Milk Soap 
Who doesn’t wish for fresh and soft, velvety skin? To your rescue from skin roughness and protecting against it, switch to Meril Milk Soap Bar. You are special and your skin needs the very best. Blending the ancient imperial luxury of milk baths with its 6 times more moisturizing power, Meril Milk Soap Bar will give you fresh and smooth skin. So, indulge in the world of moisture with Meril Milk Soap Bar. Meril Milk Soap Bar best creation of the Meril family. Undoughtly people choose Meril Milk Soap Bar as their number one choice from the Meril family.

Ingredients: Sodium soap, Aqua, Glycerine,Titanium Dioxide,EDTA, Perfume, Pure Milk.

Direction of Use: Gently apply the soap on your skin. Rub lightly to form lather. Wash and rinse off thoroughly. Stop using immediately if does not suit your skin.
EXP: 20.08.24

Quantity: 1. Senora UltraThin - 100x1=100pcs +  2. Meril Milk Soap - 100x1=100pcs
MRP: Tk.11,000
MRP (Per Packet): Tk. 110


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